Benefits of leasing property
for outdoor advertising


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The following list of benefits highlight just a few of the advantages to leasing your land for the purpose of constructing and maintaining an outdoor advertising display:

  1. No Investment Required — There is no upfront investment required to generate income when you lease land for billboards. In fact, many Lessors generate enough income from the billboards to cover the payment of property tax on the entire lot where the display is located.
  2. No Maintenance Required — The Lessor generally has no expenses or responsibilities involving the maintenance of the structure. In fact, the Lessee pays the utility bills and is insured for any liability caused by the sign's presence on the property. If called upon to do so, we will provide a testament of our insurance indemnification. In addition, many Lessors find the illuminated boards to be a crime deterrent, because of the added illumination generated at night.
  3. No Risk — The Lessor is economically unimpacted if the sign is not sold, as the Lessor still receives his monthly payments.
  4. Consistent Income — The lease governs the payments, so the Lessor is shielded from catastrophes, as well as general fluctuations in the advertising industry, broader market and overall economic conditions.
  5. Monthly Payments — Payments to Lessor are scheduled in advance, either monthly or annually, which is beneficial to assist with Lessor’s ancillary obligations and expenses.
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